Driven to Communicate.


Todd Smith

Todd Smith is a serial entrepreneur who is focused on delivering better technology solutions for the automotive industry. Todd is a 30+ year veteran of the industry including being a Chevrolet Dealer.

Mike McFall

Mike McFall created and expanded the leading online trade concept Black Book Online before selling to Hearst. His 20 plus years of experience includes General Motors and Auto Nation.

David Kain

David Kain operates Kain Automotive Inc. Internet Sales, BDC Development and Digital Marketing are his passion, he also has an extensive automotive retail background with the Kain Auto Group.

Todd Caputo

Todd Caputo is Owner of Sun Chevrolet and Used Car King Superstores. With 28+ years in the industry, Todd has been able to take his tech knowledge and apply it to the automobile business.


Communication is key.

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