Who is 360Converge?

360Converge was developed out of a fundamental need to streamline communication between the sales team and shoppers. This “On The Go” style of doing business is the new normal and technology needs to support this modern sales environment. 

What does 360Converge do?

The 360Converge philosophy is simple. Solve the sales team’s daily challenges to complete their job, while naturally solving the dealerships issues within the same framework. All while leveraging a device already in every one of your employees’ pocket.  

Why do I need 360Converge?

If you answer yes to any of these questions we should talk and explore how 360Converge can help deliver a more shopper-centric experience.

  • Is your sales team not consistently entering information into your CRM system?
  • Is your sales team using their personal devices to communicate with shoppers?
  • Do sales tasks pile up uncompleted within your CRM?