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Meet your CRM’s Assistant!

360Insight delivers lead intelligence which enables your team to stay focused on selling. Create a personalized experience with every interaction.

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Know Thy Customer.

See the full picture of your leads from the start, so you are prepared with the right message at the right time to create the perfect personalized experience with every shopper.

Fresh, Reliable Shopper Data.

Rely on fresh accurate data with our proprietary real-time lookups. Then act on the new information immediately, with real-time activity alerting.

Built for the modern dealership

With our dataset and machine learning algorithms, you’ll have all of the information you need to convert leads and grow your dealership sales.

Automatic Research

360Insight collects data from over 200 public and private sources and is verified for accuracy through strict quality assurance. In short, we do all the work and we do it right.

Automatically enrich the Customer Profile and Lead data powering your CRM to accelerate sales.

See it in Action

Turn any data point into a whole person. Simply select a data point below and see it in action. You'll get a full profile and see the full picture of your leads from the start. You'll be prepared with the right message to make a great first impression with your shoppers.

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The more information provided with a lead, the better the contact rate.

If a lead has a single phone number, the contact rate is typically in the low 60-percentile range. However, if a lead has two phone numbers, the contact rate jumps drastically. In general, contact rates between 70 to 80 percent are considered excellent

How Does 360Insight Work?

It's simple. All you need is a Chrome extension plugin, and all your dealership leads can be enriched with useful information enabling you to connect with more incoming opportunities and have better conversations.

  • 01. Download Chrome extension
  • 02. Register your dealership.
  • 03. Port your leads.
  • 04. Let the magic begin.
Chrome Extension Sample
Chrome Extension Sample

Turn data into results

The right data makes for a smarter and more profitable dealership. 360Insight helps you know who to target and with what message.

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How Will 360Insight Help My Marketing?

A challenge for most dealerships is how to segment their leads effectively to allow for greater personalization and a higher level of engagement. 360Insight give you over 200 additional personal data points from leads coming into your dealership. This will enable your marketing team to better segment and personalize your message throughout all your traditional or digital marketing.

E-Mail Opens

Unique Opens



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*Research from Mailchimp shows that segmented email lists performed better than non-segmented lists, results shown above.

Engage on Social Media

Fresh, Reliable Shopper Data.

You will need more than a single channel of communication to engage your sales prospects and be successful. Social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great channels to engage your shoppers and start a dialogue.

Coupling your dealership's CRM with 360Insight opens limitless possibilities in which you can automate your sales process and engage more shoppers faster on multiple channels, driving more people into your showroom today.

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